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Natural Soap Making for Beginners

Course One

How To Make Soap – Homemade Soap Making for Beginners

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make all-natural soap from scratch in your own kitchen? Do you, a close friend, or a family member have skin issues that are easily irritated by store-bought soaps & detergents? 


Take this course and you will learn how to make beautiful, natural handmade soap from scratch, at home, using the ingredients of your choice.

The course will give you all the information that you need about oils, butters and fragrances, so that you can easily create your own recipes. we share our own recipes for the soaps demonstrated to give you a start.

With the knowledge you get from this course, you won’t have to be limited to following other people’s recipes – you will be able to create your own unique handcrafted soaps.

Soapmaking is like any hobby – you can spend a fortune on it. However, in this course we will show you how to get started by using regular kitchen equipment and inexpensive ingredients that you can get in your local supermarket and health food store.

You will discover how to use household items as molds, so that you can get started straight away at little or no cost.

What you’ll learn

  • Create home-made natural soap from scratch, using natural ingredients, which you probably have in your pantry
  • Use inexpensive items to create amazing packaging for your soap.
  • Make pure and natural soap, free from harmful ingredients, avoiding known irritants
  • Use colours and fragrances to create fabulous looking, amazing smelling soap, that is good enough to give as gifts, or sell
  • Build and develop a new creative hobby.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make soap from scratch using the cold process method.
  • Anyone who wants to make natural soap for health reasons.
  • If you are looking for a new hobby for your own enjoyment.
  • To make a selection of soaps which you could use to give as gifts to friends and family.
  • If you would like to earn some extra money to fund your new hobby, or if you want to start a new fun business

Cost: R2000.00

Course two

Learn to Make Natural Lotion, Cream, Moisturiser & Body Butter

Want to create your own natural skincare lotions harnessing the power of healing plants for natural beauty and wellness? Are you ready to make wonderful lotions & creams from scratch? Customize your moisturizers and control the ingredients that go on your skin by doing it yourself!

Sign up for this jam-packed informative, fun, hands-on workshop aimed at students who have little skin care making experience or are new to making their own skin care products. It is a balance between theory and practical sessions that will give you the skills and knowledge to be able to make body butters and luxurious face creams.

Use a range of gorgeous and beneficial ingredients and let your inner scientist emerge as you create delicious products to take home and enjoy. Whip up the perfect moisturising, silky skin face cream and richly hydrating body butter. You’ll never want to use commercially made creams again once you’ve tried making and using your own


  • A general curiosity and willingness to learn how to make lotions, creams and body butters.
  • Basic lotion making equipment, stainless steel mixing bowls, measuring cups, basic utensils, etc…

This course is designed for people who wants to learn to create their own natural skincare products.

In this course we discuss everything from choosing carrier oils to how to formulate your own recipes to secrets about store bought skin care moisturizing products that the cosmetic industry would prefer you did not know.

What you’ll learn

  • You will know how to formulate and make your own lotions creams and body butters.
  • You will know how to choose the right carrier oil for making lotion specific to your skin’s needs.
  • You will know the correct techniques for creating lotions creams and body butters of your own.
  • You will know the benefits of choosing and making natural skincare and homemade beauty products that nurture your skin.
  • You will know how to create your own lotion cream and body butter recipes.
  • You will know how to select the correct equipment for creating your lotions creams and body butters.
  • You will know how to choose natural butters for creating your own skincare formulas

Learn how to make your own skin-loving natural lotions, creams and body butters for a fraction of the cost of many store-bought cosmetic brands.

About the Instructor:

Stanford is a holder of diploma in skincare formulation from School of Natural Skincare International (UK), natural beauty formulator and entrepreneur with a passion for teaching.  He is the founder of Boundless Wonder, began making natural bath & body products in 2014 as a way to make family & friends homemade, practical gifts. Shortly thereafter, he began sharing her passion by teaching classes

Who is the Target Audience for this Course?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own natural skincare products, lotions, creams and body butters
  • This course is for beginners who what to learn how to formulate their own recipes for lotions, creams and body butters
  • This course is for anyone who wants to understand the benefits of creating homemade and natural skincare products
  • This course is for anyone curious about how easy it is to create natural beauty products that benefit your skin by using simple plants and other ingredients provided by nature.

Cost: R3000.00

Note: Private Classes Available

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